In the core of the city you will discover Xitroom Escape diversion. This was the principal escape room in the city and with two exciting rooms it is still high on everyone’s plan for the day. Xitroom has two escape encounters, in excess of one (more…)

Artis Zoo Express

Appreciate a multi-day trip with your relatives on an impeccable outing that joins the Artis Zoo with a watercraft journey! The Artis Zoo is the most seasoned and most delightful zoo in Holland. The watercraft take-offs are planned to a timetable and takes around (more…)

Hortus Botanicus

For about four centuries, Amsterdam’s Hortus Botanicus has entertained guests with its lavish nurseries, butterfly nursery and colorful plants. Initially established in 1638 to fill in as a herb cultivate for the city’s specialists and drug specialists, (more…)


Searching for a fun day excursion for the entire family? At that point make certain to look at Powerzone! It’s the ideal area for laser tag, knocking down some pins and play a little golf. Submerge yourself in a fight amongst great and fiendishness in (more…)

Time Trip

Time Trip is an energizing getaway room that takes you to various occasions! A ticking time bomb amidst the wilderness or a wizard securing everybody in the mansion? Regardless of which one of the rooms you pick, your knowledge and nerves of steel will be tried (more…)