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Amsterdam offers the hungry tourists plenty of unique culinary experiences. Don’t go home without trying them all.

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Amsterdam has plenty of non-food experiences. for more of these items please visit our shop page

Places in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has The Van Gogh Museum, i-amsterdam and many more places that attract the attention of the world.

The Netherlands (Europe)

The Netherlands has become the world’s 2nd biggest food exporter. While reducing water use by 90% and almost eradicating the use of pesticides.
The Dutch use technology and science to push the boundaries of agriculture. An example is that drones are used to monitor potato and onion fields. This produces crop yields of more than double the global average

Huge areas of the Netherlands are covered with glasshouses, producing large crops of fruit and vegetables. The Netherlands now exports more tomatoes, chillies and cucumbers than any other country.
The Dutch success story is amazing because the country is small and densely populated with 1300 people per square mile. The USA, the world’s number 1 food exporter, is 270 times bigger.

More than 140 countries have adopted methods developed by Dutch farmers including China, India, Mexico, Brazil, Ghana and Ethiopia.

By 2050 there will be 10 billion people on the planet, we will need more food in the next 40 years than all the harvest in history combined
The Netherlands could be the solution and feed the world.

The Dutch and water
For centuries the Dutch have had a unique relationship with water. Water, essentially, is part of our Dutch identity. For almost every square meter of Dutch soil we battled against the water. Our mills pumping stations reclaimed land and the dikes are world famous as they keep our feet dry. Water will always play an important role in our country’s future. The Netherlands and water, they are inextricably linked.

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