Amsterdam is way smaller than most people realize. You can easily walk around the city center although the public transport is great.

The trams are the easiest way to get around Amsterdam as many go from Central Station to many of the tourist attractions


Before you board the Metro or any train, you’ll see a a little raised reader that people are tapping their cards against. If you have an IAmsterdam card or OV Chipcard, tap your card against the little raised reader and you’ll see it turn green/beep.  Ask if you’re not sure.

Be sure to do the same on the way out.  For buses or trams, you’ll tap your card against the reader in the front and tap your card on the way out towards the back of the bus/tram. You’ll exit in the back.

Amsterdam Metro Map


Save this number in your phone if you take taxis: 

Taxicentrale Amsterdam: +31 020 777 77 77.

It is the biggest cab company in Amsterdam.  They accept credit cards, function 24 hours a day, will pick up people all around Amsterdam/Schiphol, and their cabs are honest.   (Police/Emergencies: 112)

There is an official taxi line outside. Taxis from Schiphol to Amsterdam city centre should cost 45-55 euros with an optimum route.  If it’s above 70 euros, ask your hotel or hostel for assistance. I’ve been ripped off myself… I only use Taxicentrale now.


The most convenient means of transportation in Amsterdam is still the bicycle. You have no parking costs and you are never in a traffic jam. You can rent a bike anywhere in the city.

On your own bike you get to decide how fast you go, which places you visit and where you stop for a break or to take pictures.

There’s a lot of things that are normal on bikes in Amsterdam, like texting, talking on the phone, and carrying large objects/people.

Stay on the right of the lane to ensure that others can pass. 

Use your hands to signal which way you’re turning before you get to the turn.

Be careful of scooters, mini cars, and other cyclists.