In the core of the city you will discover Xitroom Escape diversion. This was the principal escape room in the city and with two exciting rooms it is still high on everyone’s plan for the day. Xitroom has two escape encounters, in excess of one gathering can play a similar affair to get that opposition with your companions going!


Go to the place of teacher X’s. He is an insane virtuoso, and in every case extremely defensive of his office. When he is out you take a look inside, yet while you are in the entryway locks close! Will you have the capacity to discover an exit plan? Also, will you reveal what made the educator so undercover in any case?


Madame X is the more seasoned sister of educator X. She is the proprietor of a valuable jewel and simply like her sibling, she gets a kick out of the chance to secure her most valuable assets. Along these lines, she requested that her sibling protect it. Would you be able to break his insane security before you get bolted up until the end of time?

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