Typical Dutch food


In December only. These tasty fried dough balls are only offered around New Year. They’re delicious when warm and you’ll find booths all around the city!


Typical Dutch farmer’s cheese, although you’ll find some from regions all around the Netherlands


These classic Dutch desserts are so tasty


These fried balls filled with beef are at Dutch bars classically served with mustard.


Fries. Served with mayonnaise.


These fried Dutch snacks are filled with meat and …flavors. They’re Dutch comfort food.  Sate filled croquettes (vegetarian) are popular. A nice snack on your way home from a night out…

Tony’s Chocolonely

This addictive/delicious chocolate is the FIRST in the world to be made without using slave labor.  The caramel sea salt bar (Karamel zeezout) is the orange one found at Albert Heijn.


Small Dutch pancakes. So good. Look for touristic bakeries and get extra powdered sugar!


These little cakes that are filed with marzipan are one of my weaknesses. They’re not easy to find (although sold at some branches of Albert Heijn), but they’re so good if you can find them.


Haring is a type of fish that many people eat raw or on a sandwich. It’s very mild so even fish-haters (like myself) find it tasty. You can find them at fish stores (vishandel) and haring stands.

Dutch Pancakes

They’re flatter than American pancakes, but delicious. Easy to find

Van Stapele cookies

These delicious chocolate cookies are made fresh at the shop with the same name

Apple Pie

The Dutch make their own variant of apple pie. Winkel 43 is one of the best places in Amsterdam for apple pie. Affordable and a must-try!

Dutch beer

Even if you’re not a beer drinker, Dutch beer is often in the Belgian style, which means that it’s more mild and less intense than beers elsewhere. Look for white [witte] beers and beers that are NOT from Heineken. I cannot even list ALL the local breweries that I love, but look for Oedipus, Brouwerij ‘T IJ,Brouwerij de Prael and Gebrouwen door Vrouwen.


Salty liquorice, bay leaf, sweet liquorice, double salty liquorice, farm droppings, and so on. If you are traveling in the Netherlands, you should definitely try drop. It is a bit ‘you do not have to go to the Netherlands if you do not eat drop’. In the Netherlands we are crazy about liquorice, we grow up with it.


Hutspot, stamppot, stamppot sauerkraut, with salty beans or whatever stew you want. Typically Dutch costs and also very tasty and budget-friendly

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